sherlock holmes + john watson


If there’s one thing they’re good at, it’s saying goodbye to one another.

Drew this in answer to the post about them holding hands during the cell scene. Needless to say, I’m pretty sure they did too.

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I want John to be in danger or get shot or stabbed or something and he’s having a hard time breathing and Sherlock’s beside him saying “I was wrong breathing is not boring, you have to keep breathing”.

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He doesn’t even know he’d be good for john….he doesn’t think so…..he’s visibly like ‘the two people he loves most in this world well that can’t be me’…..and then….’did i do it wrong? i couldn’t even do this one thing for him? i messed up even this?’……and then thinking it would be better if he sacrificed his own life and john would be better off with his family never seeing him again….like sherlock loving john and admitting to himself that he loves john and that john likes him and loves the danger and excitement but still thinking that his love can never be enough for john and that he could never be enough…..why is the world this way…..

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fiCS WhE RE sHeR LOcK IS SCaRE D TO TRy a RELAt iONShiP wI TH JoHN BECAuSE HE’s LiKE ‘john you’ll find that i can’t change…..i can’t be fixed……i’m sorry…..you don’t want to be with a person like me’ aND JOhN’S LiKE ‘?????? sherlock there’s nothing wrong with you. you don’t need to be fixed. you’re amazing just the way you are’ ANd SHEr LO CK’S sO shO CKED BUT sO so HApp Y oh mY GO D

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