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where is my sailor!john and pirate!sherlock fic where john captures the notorious pirate holmes and is finally going to return home a hero but can’t bring himself to turn sherlock in because he p cute for a pirate :/

I’ll spread all the ideas about hot sailor!john because YES

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What if Sherlock and John are in a fight and they’re yelling at each other and then all the pent-up emotion finally gets to be too much and Sherlock just screams, “I’m in love with you!” and John freezes up and his face softens and he says softly, “You’re in love with me?” and Sherlock, in his tiny voice, just whispers, “A bit”

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sherlock on the plane typing “i’m in love with you” to john and letting his thumb hover over the send button and then turning his phone off instead

But the text is still there. It’s just sitting there, unsent. And when John takes Sherlock’s phone from him weeks later to send a text for Sherlock, he sees it. He reads it. He sends it to himself. And later that night when Sherlock is alone, his phone buzzes to life with a new text from John, and Sherlock can hardly breathe as he reads “I’m in love with you too. Idiot.”

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The morning before their wedding John wakes up at the crack of dawn in bed alone, and he pulls on a pair of pants and goes to see where Sherlock’s gone.  He finds him standing at the window in the sitting room, wearing only his pajama pants, his violin held loosely at his side as if he’d been thinking of playing it and had forgotten once he’d noticed the swirling snow falling outside.  John walks up behind him, wrapping his arms around his middle and pressing a kiss between his shoulder blades, the skin there still warm despite the chill seeping in through the window.  Sherlock hums quietly, and John’s not sure if it’s because of the kiss or just a simple acknowledgement of his presence.

"You know," he says, and he continues pressing kisses up Sherlock’s spine as he speaks, "it’s rude to leave your partner to wake up alone the night before your wedding."

Sherlock just hums again, and John smiles slightly, tightening his arms.

"Not changing your mind, are you?" he teases.

"Bit late for that, don’t you think?" Sherlock asks dryly, and John pinches his side gently.  He can see Sherlock’s small smile in the reflection of the window.  "I couldn’t sleep.  My head was…too full."

John frowns.  ”Too full of what?”

Sherlock gently sets his violin down, and his arms come up to cover John’s.  He squeezes John’s hands.  ”You, of course.”  

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Anonymous asked: imagine teen!lock where Sherlock and John are dating and are the same height and Sherlock hits a really late growth spurt and all of a sudden John has to stand on tiptoes to kiss him and Sherlock expects him to be annoyed but John's actually so happy cuz for a week before Sherlock buys new clothes, all of his teeshirts are short and his tummy peeks out ^u^


and sherlock is worried that now that he’s taller than john, he won’t be able to be the little spoon, but lays down behind him and wraps his arm around his tummy and tells sherlock he’ll always be his lil spoon 


sherlock would totally write down what he wanted to say to ask john out and be standing there flipping lil index cards like “stop laughing i didnt want to forget anything”

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